All about Walpole ...
Originally established in the early 1930ís as a group settlement for farmers, with timber milling  developing soon after, the region is most famous for the Giant Red and Yellow Tingle Trees, many over 400 years old.
It has also developed into one of the richest dairy and beef farming 
areas in the State, and is surrounded by National Parks and State Forests.
It's not called chlorophyll country for nothing!

With an abundance of natural wonders the small population of less than 500
welcomes visitors to share in their unique wonderland.

Situated on the South Coast, Walpole enjoys an unusually mild climate with warm sunny days during summer and good rainfall in winter - making for prolific wildflowers in spring and lush undergrowth of the giant ancient forests.
The safe and tranquil rivers, inlets and adjoining wilderness areas offer the recreationalist a wide range of activities - fishing, canoeing, white-water rafting, bushwalking, power boating, skiing, sailing and sightseeing from the banks of the Frankland River meandering through great stands of giant Karri trees.

The Walpole & Nornalup Inlets flow into the Southern Ocean where
four wheel driving along the spectacular beach is an exhilarating experience.
Salmon fishing along the coast is relished by both professional
and many amateur fishers.


Statistics :

  • Walpole and districts is defined as being - Walpole ward of Shire of Manjimup and Nornalup Ward of Shire of Denmark.  The Frankland River is the boundary between the two Shires and also the regions of South West and Great Southern. 
  • Population of Walpole Ward is around 500 with about half absentee landowners; Population of Nornalup Ward is around 500 with about half absentee landowners
  • Walpole business district is made up of mostly small privately owned businessess predominantly managed by owner/operators.
  • Walpole's climate is mild - Average winter temperatures range around 5 degrees minimum to 15 degrees maximum; Average summer temperatures range around 15 degrees minimum to 25 degrees maximum.  That is not to say that many days are in the 30 degrees or may even reach 40 on an odd occasion.  The months of February and March are quite humid.


Nockolds Street, Walpole - main shopping area

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